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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
Sir Robert Brown4 is displaced from being Paymaster of something, I forget what, for Sir Charles Gilmour, a friend of Lord Tweeddale5. Ned Finch6 is made Groom of the Bedchamber, which was vacant; and Will Finch7 Vice-Chamberlain, which was not vacant; but they have emptied it of Lord Sidney Beauclere. Boone8 is made Commissary-General, in Huxley's9 room, and Jefferies10 in Will Stuart's n. All these have been kissing hands to-day, headed by the Earl of Bath. He went in to the King the other day with this long list, but was told shortly, that unless he would take up his patent and quit the House of Commons, nothing should be doneā€”he has consented. I made some of them very angry; for when they told me who had kissed hands, I asked, if the Pretender had kissed hands too, for being King ? I forgot to tell you, that Murray is to be Solicitor-General, in Sir John Strange's place, who is made Chief Justice, or some such thing12.
I don't know who it was that said it, but it was a very good
* Sir Kobert Brown (d. 1760), first Baronet, formerly a merchant at Venice and British Resident there. He was Paymaster of the Works.
5  John   Hay   (circ.    1695-1762), fourth Marquis of Tweeddale; Principal Secretary and Keeper of the Signet (of Scotland), 1742-46 ; Lord-Justice General, and Governor of the Bank of Scotland, 1761-62.
6 Hon. Edward Pinch, fifth son of sixth Earl of Winchelsea, M.P. for Cambridge    University,    1727 - 71; Envoy to Sweden, 1723; to Holland, 1724;  to Poland, 1724-25 ; Minister at St. Petersburg, 1789-40;  Groom of the Bedchamber, 1742; Master of the Robes, 1757;  Surveyor of the ICing's Private Roads, 1760 ; assumed the additional surname of Hatton, 1764 5 d. 1771.
7  The Hon. William Knchi second son of the sixth Earl of Winchelsea, had been Envoy in Sweden and in Holland.   He continued to hold the office  of Vice-Chamberlain  of the
Household till his death, in 1766. These two brothers, and their elder brother Daniel, seventh. Earl of Winchelsea, are the persons whom Sir Charles Hanbury Williams calls, on account of the blackness of their complexions, 'The dark, funereal Pinches.' Walpole.
8  Daniel Boone, M.P. for Gram-pound.
9  George Huxley, sometime M.P. for Newport (Isle of Wight).
10  John Jeffries (M.P. for Brecon-shire) was not promoted until December of this year, when he succeeded   Henry  Furnese   as   Joint Secretary to the Treasury.
11  William Stuart appears to have been Paymaster of the Pensions, in which office he was succeeded by Edward Hooper.
12  Sir   John  Strange was   made Master of the Rolls, but not till some years afterwards: he died in 1754.    Walpole.